About Nancy

I am a contemporary paper collage artist who lives and works on California’s Central Coast.  I received a Master's of Art in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in 2008 and a Bachelor's of Art in Psychology from Connecticut College in 1985.  My educational background has greatly influenced my artistic expression.

Since childhood, I have loved art, and have always been attracted to the bright colors and bold geometric shapes that have become recurring themes in my work.  My mother Stella is an accomplished painter, and has been a lifelong source of love and encouragement for me.  In recent years, my artwork has taken on a new dimension, as I have come to recognize the link between my creative expression and emotional wellbeing. My process begins with an awakening of inspiration that is either internally or externally triggered. I might decide to form a piece on the basis of a particular paper or shape that I see in my environment, or on an implicit memory.  Once a starting point has been established, the process takes on a life of its own, as I layer shapes, colors, and textures, creating space between the lines, all that is unspoken.  When the excitement of shaping my collage begins to settle, I experience a moment of peace and all is right in my world.

In addition to my work as an artist, I counsel college students with a wide range of personal issues and am in the process of completing the internship required to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in the State of California.